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  The resources and infrastructure currently available with WAVELET GROUP are as listed below.

  • 10000 square feet of modern office and work area.

  • Cafeteria

  • Broadband leased line connectivity to internet.

PENTIUM machines with a judicious combination of MS-Windows / NT operating environments, laser/ ink-jet/ dot-matrix printers, CD Writers, fax, phones, CCD cameras, video frame grabbers, DSP hardware based on TigerSharc, ADSP BlackFin family, ADSP-21XX and ADSP-2106X processors.
MS-Windows / NT, Visual C++, Visual Basic, WATCOM, MS-Office, Analog Devices Development Toolset and proprietary Digital Image Processing softwares Déjà vu, FragLyst and AutoLux
  Customized libraries / tools:  

We have extensive reusable library resources for the following -

  • Numerical analysis based on matrix operations, convergent procedures, solution of differential and integral
    equations etc.

  • Digital signal processing algorithms such as convolution, digital filtering, FFTs, Wavelet Transforms, 
    power spectrum, cepstral analysis, correlation, noise analysis, radar implementation etc.

  • Image processing algorithms such as image enhancement, geometric operators, linear operators, feature
    extractors, morphological operators, image compression, pattern matching.

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